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Celebrate Life

There is nothing more important than experiencing moments of love and celebrating life with family and friends.  Our talented & passionate team of DJs,  Emcee's, and Lighting Specialists would be honored to share in these moments with you.



"DJ X"

xavier D. Riley

A native of Little Rock, Arkansas, Xavier realized his love for music at an early age.  With a passion for music, and a proven ability to perform at a pinnacle level, Xavier is making a great impact on today’s music scene throughout the entire state.  His musical first love is drumming.  He developed his artistry for drums and sound through self taught means.  Creating music came naturally for Xavier as a child; he would spend hours creating rhythmic vibrations around his house.  His pure talent and creative prowess was recognized by his father.  Xavier was given the opportunity to perform publicly in their home church on both the drums and keyboards.  Over the years, Xavier found his way into studio production; writing and producing music for local artists.  Becoming a DJ was a seamless transition.  In 2013, while using his keen sense of rhythm, accompanied by his passion to produce sound, allowed for his DJ skills to emerge.

Xavier’s musical and scholastic talents earned him a partial scholarship to the University of Arkansas.  He studied under the leadership of Dr. Charles Law while majoring in Percussion.  During this period, Xavier’s talents as a percussionist, as well as a Music Director were sought after by many local, and national artists.  Xavier was co-founder and owner of In His Presence Productions, Inc., a Christian production company.  Through this venture, he taught percussion basics as well as graphic artistry.  His graphic talents have been enlisted by countless businesses and non-profits.  In 2013, while searching for a DJ for his own upcoming wedding, Xavier was offered the opportunity to utilize his gifts, talents, and skills as a DJ by joining the largest entertainment company in Arkansas.  

Xavier prides himself in creating memorable moments be it a wedding or a major corporate event.  Thus resulted in his infamous tagline #XperienceTheMoment.  His client list includes:  A residency at Cache Resturaunt, PINK by Victoria’s Secret, Crain Automotive Group, German based Life Plus, Inc., KATV, Cal Ark, New Life Church, Tanarah Luxe Floral, Beige in LR, Girls On the Run in LR, Little Rock Zoo, Baldwin & Shell Construction, Armani Exchange, Tommy Hilfiger, J. Crew, H & M, The Anthony School, Little Rock Christian Academy, March of Dimes, Cajun's Wharf, Club Level, Little Rock Air Force Base, Indigo Clothing Boutique, Little Rock Marriot, Calfrac Well Services, Bar Louie, One Banc, and countless weddings and receptions.

Today, Xavier is the proud founder and co-owner of Premier Event Group of Little Rock.  "Here at Premier Event Group of Little Rock, we believe in bringing people together to celebrate life." - DJ Xavier



"Bj the DJ"

Brian Hayes Jr.

Influenced by his father who was also a DJ, Brian (a.k.a BJ) knew at an early age that "rocking the crowds" was exactly what he wanted do.  BJ got his creative start by making mix-tapes for family and friends.  He was able to quickly build his repertoire by researching and staying on top of the latest hits as well as delving into the oldies.   BJ believes in the importance of being well versed in a host of musical genres.  By doing so, he can deliver at the highest level, and seamlessly transition from one song to next; meeting the music tastes of his entire audience.   BJ's resume includes performances for: Professional basketball player Joe Johnson of the Houston Rockets, former boxing champion Jermaine Taylor, former Dallas Cowboy and Razorback legend Darren McFadden.  He has provided the sound entertainment for numerous children's parties which include:  the Little Rock School District, St. Mark Baptist Church, Pulaski Academy, and The Bobby Portis basketball camp.  BJ has also held residencies at some of Little Rocks' best night clubs.  His wedding experience has been nothing less than superior.  He puts his heart and soul into each and every one.


"DJ Most1ted"

Jason Ifill

Jason has musical roots that stem from the country of Barbados (His parents are native Barbadians).  Growing up, his multi-cultural sound repertoire not only includes an astute ear for a large variety of American genres, but Jason has an immense appreciation for: Reggae, Calypso, and Soca music as well.  As a child, Jason observed and studied his father (who was also a DJ), as he provided the sound entertainment at parties for their family and friends; from there Jason's love for DJing began.  In addition, his father was a DJ for Little Rock's KABF radio station, where Jason would later receive a DJ residency himself.  

Jason has officially been in the DJ business since 2010.  When his son was born in 2009, he enjoyed helping with the schools' special events by provided the musical entertainment.  He has since utilized his Disc Jock and Emcee talents, and skills during countless family functions, birthday parties, fraternity gatherings, weddings, and corporate events.  Jason can uniquely blend the sound vibes of his native background, with that of American music, which can produce a remarkably distinctive sound, and an especially good time for all!  When Jason isn't helping others celebrate their special moments with music, he devotes his time to his 9 year old, while continuing his formal education.  He holds multiple degrees, and is seeking more!